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Protect your Business with a Reliable Security System

Explore our practical, proactive security solutions for your commercial facility. From fire alarms to full-service video monitoring, we’ve got you covered.
Make sure your business is safe and stays safe with Security Service Company. We serve commercial businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley, including Western WV  and Eastern PA.

Ensure Your Storefront's Safety in Lehigh Valley

As a full-service security dealer, SSC provides you with a system that meets local, NFPA 72 and UL code requirements. We can also design, specify, install, provide drawings, parts, tie-in, final hook-ups and any other services involving a commercial fire alarm system.

Security Service Company is a long-established leader in reliability, features and service for security systems tailored to customers' specific needs. Protect your business with professional alarm systems and surveillance.

Want to control your systems remotely? We can help — contact us today!

Outstanding access control solutions are just a phone call away. With our access control systems, you'll be able to restrict access into your building safely and reliably with a remote device.

Let us help you manage your facility or multiple locations by caring for the daily reports, changes and other issues that come up; even issuing new user access right from our Central Station. No need to have people spending hours on the access system trying to recall the procedures. SSC will take care of it for you!

Everyone wants to see what's going on at their business. With the full line of video monitoring equipment we offer, SSC can help you keep an eye on your commercial facility, even when you're not there! Special low-light capabilities and long-term recording make sure you can keep track of everything you should. Remote video viewing, live or recorded, interest you? We can help, whether you want to see it on a television, computer, separate monitor or your mobile device.

Many businesses have critical processes that need to be monitored. This type of monitoring collects data of sensors and creates alerts on temperature, humidity, leaks, lines stopping, vehicles coming and going, storage rooms opening, and anything else you may require — if it's important to you and your business, it's important to us. We'll watch it for you.

As a stand-alone system or as part of a complete fire alarm system, we monitor fire sprinkler systems to watch for emergencies, and we can do it without telephone lines in most of our service area! We help you protect your facility in case of fires.

Annual inspection of your fire alarm systems, testing of your sprinkler supervisory devices, checking of your notification devices — these things must be done to insure proper operation and maintain their life-safety aspects, not to mention the protection of your business assets. We'll do it right and give you the reports that the inspectors need.

Smoke detectors and heat detectors wear out and can lose their sensitivity, or be broken in the course of normal operations. Regular functionality and sensitivity tests will tell you if your detectors really work. Ensuring that all of your security systems are maintained and cared for.

We Offer Practical Solutions to your security problems. Secure your business with Security Service Company in Pennsylvania by getting in touch with our experts

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