Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarms require many more considerations than their smaller, more basic counterparts. The alarms must meet several overlapping regulatory guidelines and technical design standards — and that’s just for the equipment. If you add commercial fire alarm monitoring to the list, you urgently need a local industry expert with unmatched experience and knowledge in security technology innovations.

Security Service Company (SSC) has been serving the total security needs of Lehigh Valley and surrounding businesses for half a century. We’ll explain what makes a reliable commercial fire alarm system, what to look for in alarm monitoring services, and the industry standards/credentials that make all the difference.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Safety Standards

All commercial fire alarms and related components must meet a vast sea of technical standards that continue to grow each year. Even alarm usage is regulated by various codes related to emergency procedures and preventative maintenance. That’s why our dedicated security professionals wield razor-sharp knowledge in all relevant standards related to commercial fire alarm system design and application, including:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for electrical manufacturing and safety
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approval standards, which include ANSI standards for flammable substances, workplace atmosphere, and detection devices
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), plus all local and federal fire codes relevant to eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

We also recommend looking for the industry credentials your security provider follows to maintain robust quality thresholds. SSC continually takes our thresholds for quality to the highest limits by maintaining one of the most coveted security industry credentials.

Our Central Station’s Five Diamond Certification assures clients that our commercial fire alarm monitoring services come continuously backed by:

  • Extremely involved training for each system operator
  • Proficiency in electronics communication equipment and radio
  • Experience working with Emergency 911 (and other Public Service Answering Points)

Thorough alarm verification practices, to reduce false alarms and maximize total system uptime

By keeping our thumb on the pulse of commercial security innovations, we also continually hone our emergency preparedness and response strategies to add greater value to clients.

Keep Your Business Prepared

It’s not enough to count on top-rated gear or even your own procedural know-how when comparing commercial fire alarm systems. Like any serious investment, the support of a specialist is often required to maintain a more holistic view and critical insights. When the investment in question relates to critical resources and personnel safety, an expert-run commercial security system should go straight from your wishlist to the top of your action items.

SSC protects your property by also protecting your critical security communications. We do so by maintaining constant radio communications, which are much more reliable than VoIP and the now-dilapidated copper phone line infrastructure. In fact, we emphasize system redundancy wherever possible, ensuring constant protection from your security system.

Installation & Monitoring Services From Security Service Company

As a full-service security dealer, we provide equipment designed to meet or exceed all technical and safety standards. Our commercial fire alarm systems can integrate fully into our clients’ security, monitoring, communications, and access control systems. With professional monitoring services, total-system functionality improves even more.

That goes for overall security — but for fire protection specifically, there’s simply no alternative to active monitoring based on the strictest industry and regulatory standards. As an SSC client, you’ll also receive priority inspection and maintenance services to maximize your investment.

Our Mission Is To Protect Your Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Business

Commercial fire alarm monitoring goes many steps beyond installing a reliable alarm system and integrating it properly into your communications and electrical systems. For us, that’s only the bare minimum. To leave nothing to chance and fully protect your facility, it’s imperative to maintain active monitoring services and reduce the chance of fire to the greatest extent possible.

For fire prevention, true security is a matter of seconds, not minutes. If you’re looking for the fastest way to enhance your facility’s safety and minimize the chance of catastrophic loss, contact us and speak with one of our dedicated security professionals today.

Image Credit: B Calkins, Shutterstock

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