Who We Are

Family Owned & Operated Security Provider in Pennsylvania

Established in 1973, Security Service Company is a third-generation family-owned and operated security service provider We offer a wide range of home and business protection options, from low cost security system installations to integrated home automations. We utilize both wireless and professionally hard-wired systems for reliable monitoring that you can trust. We work to design a system based on your needs.

Why not call us and arrange a visit? We’re right in Fleetwood, PA between Reading and Allentown. Call us at 800-232-2500 or you may want to email us at info@SSCsince73.com. All questions or comments are welcome. You can also bookmark our site and keep an eye on it for future photos and features.

Trained Technicians & Staff

We provide our employees with the best training and support programs possible. Rest assured that you will always receive competent and knowledgeable customer service. Our employees are thoroughly instructed when they join us and receive ongoing education as the industry changes. Installation and Service Technicians also receive training through the leading manufacturers whose products we offer. Additionally, background checks are performed on every employee, so you can be assured that all our people are reputable and trustworthy. See below for more on our executive team.

Richard F Long, founder of Security Service Company
Since then, he has seen amazing advancements in the business, as what was once a paper-driven firm has been transformed into today’s high-tech SSC. From the beginning, Richard says, the main purpose of his company has been to protect the safety and well-being of people. “Protecting everything else follows from that. We understand that security arrangements must fit our customers’ lifestyles, otherwise customers won’t use them and won’t get the true benefit from them.”

“We haven’t so much changed the company as gotten back to the basics that made us successful in the first place,” he said. “My dad had a great philosophy right from the beginning — he always did things right to benefit the customer. The challenge today is keeping up with technology that’s constantly changing, so that we can continue delivering that high level of benefit to the people we serve.”

Above all, Benjamin has to make sure that all systems are built, backed and tracked to maintain continuity of service. This is at the heart of the promise we make to our customers: that we will keep them protected around the clock, every day of the year. Going forward, Benjamin is also responsible for the continuing evolutionary changes and upgrades that make our equipment and software bases even more effective and reliable.

Matt’s title doesn’t tell the full story about his importance to the company and our valued customers. For example, he was essential in our acquisition of Four Star Electronic Security, responsible for much of the preparation with our banks and related negotiations. It’s just what you’d expect from someone who joined the company in 1996 and has been with us ever since (excluding four years when he was earning his BA in economics at the University of Florida).

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